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Service og Reparasjon

The main office and the workshop of the company are located in Myre, Northern Norway. The equipment which we sell is always equal to the client's demand. It could be an equipment in "As is" condition on reduced price or the equipment after complete overhauling in our workshop.

 We deliver the equipment in three various conditions:

1. In a condition «As is». At the given kind of delivery the guarantee isn't given, but in case of need our experts can go to the enterprise of the client and make inspection (testing) of the got equipment.

2. "The served" equipment. The equipment which has passed service inspection concerns, the most important worn out elements directly influencing for work of the equipment are thus replaced. On the given kind of the equipment the short guarantee is given.

3. The full restored equipment which has passed major repairs: the car frame is smoothed out from a rust, all worn out parts are replaced new (belts, bearings, knifes), all other parts (electric and mechanical parts) are checked with full or partial replacement by the new.

We use only ORIGINAL spare parts and expendables.