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Company from Pskov became an owner of a Fomaco injector 03.12.2014 12:27

In December of 2014th Pskov company "Sadnera" received from Nordic Marine Holding AS brine injector Fomaco FGM 88 DV and freezing frames for fish.

Sawing line Norfo was supplied to Sweden 21.11.2014 15:20

In November of 2014th Nordic Marine Holding AS made a delivery of Norfo automatic block sawing line for fish blocks or mince blocks 7,5 kg to Sweden. It was bought by a company Västkustfilе AB.

Nordic Marine Holding AS took part in exhibition “AgroProdMach-2014” 16.10.2014 10:51

At the start of October, 2014th Nordic Marine Holding AS took part in annual specialized exhibition of food processing equipment "AgroProdMach-2014" in Moscow.

Baader 187 was supplied to Japan 10.10.2014 12:26

In October of 2014th "Nordic Marine Holding AS" sold a filleting machine for small whitefish Baader 187 to Japanese  "N&Sea Corporation".

The delivery of Baader 200 and Baader 60 is finished 03.10.2014 10:24

Another Chilean company - "Kaletta Export Ltd", purchased three machines. In September filleting machine Baader 200 and knife sharping machine Baader 60 were delivered and in October the company received one more Baader 200.

Filleting machine Carnitech was supplied to a factory in Belorussia 25.09.2014 17:38

In September 2014th "Nordic Marine Holding AS" sold to company "Novomar" from Kaliningrad a filleting machine for salmon Carnitech CT2611. This equipment was installed on the united enterprise of "Novomar" and "Vkus ryby" in Belorussia. On the factory was provided commissioning and inspection with raw material.

Filleting machine and slicer were sold to Chilean manufacturer 24.09.2014 15:22

In September of 2014th the "Primar", a company from Chile, have bought two machines - filleting machine for salmon and trout Baader 200 and slicer CP Food 180.

Injectors Fomaco were delivered to Netherlands 17.09.2014 14:21


In September of 2014th "H&R Poultry trading" became an owner of two injectors Fomaco 88 DV. Machines were delivered to Holland.


Spanish company have bought a filleting machine Baader 185 15.09.2014 12:18

In September of 2014th a filleting machine Baader 185 was supplied to Spain. The buyer was "Franco Espaniola de Salazones SL".

A bone separator Baader 601 was delivered to Pskov 14.09.2014 15:25

At the start of autumn was finished the supply of bone separator Baader 601 to Pskov. It was bought by a local company "Sanera". The machine will be used for producing clear mince without residues of processing.

A company from Moscow had bought deslimer Carnitech 07.09.2014 13:22

In September 2014th "Nordic Marine Holding AS" sent to a one of the largest Moscow fish processing factories a deslimer Carnitech CT1610.00. This machine is designed for fish washing.


Skinning machine Cretel was supplied to entrepreneur 15.08.2014 12:57

In August 2014th  entrepreneur Sergey Fedorov, who produces the fish products "Zolotoy ulov", became a owner of a skinning machine Cretel 360 DS. This equipment will be used for skinning humpback salmon and pike.

Murmansk company had bought a skinning machine 25.07.2014 12:47

In July 2014th a company "Rubin", based in Murmansk, bought a skinning machine Baader 52 DS.

An equipment delivery contract is signed 15.06.2014 15:31

In the June of 2014th  "Nordic Marine Holding AS" concluded a major contract of sale a number of equipment.

Two filleting lines Baader 192 was sent to Alaska 07.06.2014 14:42

In the June of 2014th  "Nordic Marine Holding AS" supplied two filleting lines Baader 192 to the American company "Trident Seafoods Inc". Later  the equipment was delivered to Alaska.

Slicer СР Food 120 is sold to “Rybnaya Gastronomiya” 01.06.2014 13:52


In the June of 2014th  "Rybnaya Gastronomiya" (OOO) purchased the slicer СР Food 120  for cutting salmon fillets to slices. This machine is able to make 120 cuts per minute.


Prime Ocean AS bought a bone separator Baader 697 10.05.2014 13:37

In May of 2013th the Prime Ocean AS made one more purchase. It was bone separator Baader 697.


Thermoformers was supplied to Netherlands 21.04.2014 13:34

In the April of 2014th  "Nordic Marine Holding AS" finished a delivery of packing equipment to Netherlands. Thermoformers with skin-effect Multivac R270 CD  Darfresh and Multivac R272 CD Darfresh was bought by Mc Gilze BV.

Batter mixer Stork TB 150 was supplied to Kaliningrad 11.04.2014 13:10

In the April of 2014th GK "Atlantis" (OAO) had purchased the batter mixer Stork TB 150. The equipment was supplied to Kaliningrad.


Bone separator was delivered to Samara 09.04.2014 12:29

In the April of 2014th the bone separator Baader 601 was sold to company "Frost", Samara. It will be use for separating clear mince without bones from chicken's carcasses.

Murmansk company purchased bone separator Baader 601 02.04.2014 16:45

In the April of 2014th Murmansk company "Captain Nemo" had purchased the bone separator Baader 601 for separating liver and roe of cod. Separator is equipped with autofeeder and lift for trolleys. 

The Norwegian company has bought a filleting machine Baader 189 31.03.2014 11:37

In early April 2014th our company is planning to make a supply of the filleting machine Baader 189 to the Norwegian company Ole Løvold AS.

A portion cutter Norfo B35 will be supplied to Canada 31.03.2014 11:36

At the second week of April 2014th Nordic Marine Holding AS will deliver the portion cutter Norfo B35 to Toronto, Canada.

Supply of breading equipment is finished 20.03.2014 16:22


In the March of 2014th "Nordic Marine Holding AS" sold the breading machine Koppens PR400 and the battering machine Koppens WTC400  to Klimovsky branch of "Firma "Poseidon" (OOO). 


Company from Vyazma received the injector Fomaco 88 03.03.2014 17:30


In the March of 2014th "SP-Norlite" (OOO) had bought the injector Fomaco 88 for injecting of salmon fillets. 


Vacuum stuffer Handtmann VF-100 was send to Nizhniy Novgorod 20.02.2014 17:11

In the February of 2014th "Nordic Marine Holding AS" finished a supply of the vacuum stuffer Handtmann VF-100. It was bought by "Delovaya Volga" in Nizhniy Novgorod.

The supply of klipfish machine Baader 541 is finished 23.01.2014 15:45

In January of 2014th our company provided a klipfish machine Baader 541 to Norwegian company AS Ingolf Engeset AS.

The Norwegian company bought a bulk feeder 17.01.2014 16:43

In January of 2014th   we made a delivery of a bulk feeder to Lofoten Fish Expoert (Norway).

The second Baader 185 had supplied to Skagen 16.01.2014 13:04

At the start of the 2014th, in January, Nordic Marine Holding AS have delivered to Skagen, Denmark a Baader 185 - filleting machine for big cod. The customer was Prime Ocean AS. It is the second such machine, purchased by Prime Ocean AS. The first one they bought a year ago.

Supply of the filleting machine for cod 14.01.2014 13:42

In January of 2014th Nordic Marine Holding AS sold to Invest AS from Norway a filleting machine Baader 185.

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