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Inngåelsen av avtalen med Espersen A/S 27.04.2018 16:25

Inngåelsen av avtalen med Espersen A/S

Normar Trading supplied Treif Lion - Portion Cutter 10.04.2017 11:01

Normar Trading supplied Treif Lion - Portion Cutter

We supplied Pisces FR-200 Filleting machine for mackrel, trout, perch, whitefish, to the Bastion LTD (Ukraine)  27.07.2016 17:12

We supplied Pisces FR-200 Filleting machine for mackrel, trout, perch, whitefish, to the Bastion LTD (Ukraine)

In June we supplied slicer Weber 404 to large meat company from Velikiy Novgorod 27.07.2016 17:05

In June we supplied slicer Weber 404 to large meat company from Velikiy Novgorod. Slicing system with check-weigher unit and packing tables. Designed for slicing meat, sausage and cheese products.

Installed vacuum systems for trout transfer in Karelia 27.07.2016 16:49

Our new project - Installed vacuum systems for trout transfer in Karelia (one of the leading companies in trout farming). Best solution for all fish farming. 

Filleting machine for cod was supplied to Poland 22.12.2015 15:45

At the start of the winter of 2015th Normar Trading AS made a delivery of Baader 185 - filleting machine for cod and saithe. It was bought by Gadus Sp.z.o.o. - a company from Gdynia, Poland.

Normar specialists visited trout farms in Karelia  18.12.2015 15:28

At the end of November of 2015th specialists of Normar Trading AS had visited Republic of Karelia. Engineers of Normar have carried out commissioning works at the one of the local fish processing plants. This enterprise had bought the trout gutting line, which allows to remove a roe without damaging.

Managers of our company had a number of meetings with heads of Karelian trout farms and discussed technical decisions for fish farming and manufacturing of fish products.

Normar Trading AS took part at the Fishtech exhibition 08.10.2015 14:52

In September of 2015th Normar Trading AS took part at the first International exhibition of equipment and technologies for fish industry Fishtech in Moscow.

During the four days our managers and general director Inge Nilsen had a lot of meetings with chiefs and engineers of fish processing plants. More than 400 representatives of the fish industry visits our booth in this time.

Our partners - Danish company Euskan and German company Kraemer, - also was presented at the booth of Normar Trading AS.

Euskan fishpump delivered to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 21.09.2015 14:57

In summer of 2015th Normar Trading AS supplied the vacuum fishpump Euskan VST 2000 to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It was bought by the local company «Plavnik». The vacuum system will be use for pumping of catched pink salmon.

Fishtech 2015 18.08.2015 12:37

In September of 2015th Normar Trading AS will participate at the international exhibition of the fish industry Fishtech 2015 in Moscow. The exhibition will work from 14 to 17 of September in "Expocenter", pavilion 7. We will be happy to see you at our booth R133!

Thermoformer Multivac delivered to Germany 11.06.2015 12:39

In June of 2015th the Normar Tradind has send the thermoformer Multivac R272 to German company Multivac Resale & Service Gmbh.

Supply of a filleting machine for pacific herring is finished  02.06.2015 13:59

At the start of summer of 2015th a factory "Zolotoy ulov" bought the filleting machine Baader 235 for processing of pacific herring.  The machine was delivered to Moscow region.

Norwegian manufacturer received gutting machine Baader 166 28.04.2015 14:04

At the end of April, 2015 th, Norwegian company Rørvik Fisk AS became an owner of gutting machine for small cod Baader 166.

Heading machine was sold to Norway 15.04.2015 14:18

In April of 2015 th the straight cut heading machine NM-160 C and bulkfeeder was supplied to Sigbjørn Folland AS in Norway.

Lithuanian company has bought Baader 189 31.03.2015 14:33

At the last days of March, 2015 th, Normar Trading finished a delivery of filleting machine Baader 189 to the Lithuanian "Plungės Šaltis".

Skinning machine Baader and freezer Torry was sent to Pskov 23.03.2015 14:37

In spring of 2015 th our company delivered a skinning machine Baader 52DS and also a set of freezing shelves to Pskov. It was bought by Sadnera Ltd. Before, in January this company purchased a Torry tunnel freezer.

A Dutch company bought a thermoformer Multivac 10.03.2015 14:41

In March the company MK Gilze bv bought a thermoformer Multivac 570 CD. It was delivered to Netherlands.

Vacuum fish pumps Euskan are supplied to nuclear power station 06.03.2015 17:00

In March of 2015th Normar Trading AS finished a shipment of four vacuum fish pumps Euskan VS 250. Such pumps are designed for pumping a dead fish. All fish pumps was delivered to Novovoronezhsk nuclear power station.

Pisces filleting machine was sent to Astrakhan 05.03.2015 14:43

At the beginning of a spring a Russian company "Nash Ogorod", staying in Astrakhan, purchased the filleting machine Pisces FR9000 MK-2 for salmon and trout.

Brine injector Fomaco was supplied to Moscow 25.02.2015 14:47

In February of 2015th the "Bi-techno Ltd" from Moscow received a brine injector Fomaco 16/64 F

Delivery of Borgarplast containers 29.01.2015 14:52

In January of 2015 th a company Marfish Ltd from Kaliningrad purchases a batch of Borgarplast containers.

The supply of Unifood pin-bone remover is finished 14.01.2015 14:55

At the first days of 2015th Normar Trading had finished a delivery of a pin-bone remover Unifood. It was bought by "Agama Istra" from Moscow region.

Normar sold a bone separator Sepamatic 410 29.12.2014 16:41

Just before the New Year Nordic Marine Holding AS sent a bone separator Sepamatic 410 to the company "BI-Techno" from Moscow.

Factory in Murmansk received an electrostanner for fish 25.12.2014 11:39

In December of 2014th the company "Russky losos" bought an electrostanner for fish for its factory in Murmansk.

A supply of Borgaplast containers 19.12.2014 15:35

At the end of  2014 Nordic Marine Holding AS sold to "Marfish" 600-liters Borgaplast containers.

Fomaco injector was sent to Belarus 10.12.2014 14:30

In December of 2014th Nordic Marine Holding AS finished a delivery of a brine injector Fomaco FGM 88 DС M3 to "Agama-Istra" from Moscow region. The equipment was installed on the joint enterprise of "Belryba" in Minsk.

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