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Ishida \ Sanwa Weighing and packing line

Condition: Good, working

This line is made for weighing and packing fresh and frozen products.

Next equipment included:

Ishida Multi-Head Weigher

Model: CCW-M-216B-D/20-WP 

This weigher can easily attain speeds of 240 wpm, delivering more packed product per hour than any conventional 16-head machine. Yet it maintains significantly better accuracy, reducing giveaways and increasing the yield of packs from a given quantity of product.

Average capacity: 2 bags per second

Weighing capacity: 400 \ 800 g. (accuracy ±<0.5g - 1.0 g. \ ±<1.0g - 2.0 g.)

Maximum volume for weighing: 3 liters

Sanwa Automatic Bag Packing Machine

Model: WF-2000 108MN, WF-2000 109MN

Machine for packaging products previously worked with frozen fish, but suitable for sausages, snacks, and seaweed.

Capacity: up to 80 bags per minute

Approximate dimensions of bag (WxL): 80~210 x 80~330 mm.