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Carnitech 2612 Double head pin-bone remover

Condition: Working

The main implementation: Removing bones from salmon fillets.


How it works: Head end first and skin side down, the salmon fillets are conveyed to the pin-bone head on a pvc belt. Carnitech pin-bone removers treat the fillets very gently. A ruler attached to the pin-bone head fixes the fillet to the conveyor as the pin-bones are removed and thus a minimum of meat is wasted. The pin-bone
removers are specifically designed to match the meat structure as well as the size and shape of each individual fillet. Consequently, the end product is high quality.


Operators: One person

Working area: Fillets between 0.5 - approx. 3-4 kg

Capacity: Up to 18 fillets/min per lane

Electricity: 3 x 400V + N + PE, 50 HZ fuse 10A

Water consumption: 12 litres per minute

Weight: Approx 150 kg.