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Norfo 524 Heading machine for salmon

Condition: Overhauled 

The Norfo beheading machine type 524 is specially developed for beheading salmon and similar types of fish with a total length of 30 to 70 cm. The machine meets the special demands set for beheading of these fish species.

The fish is placed with the gills on the feeding rail of the beheading machine with the belly towards the knives. By adjusting the height of the feeding rails the position of the cut is determined and thus also if the collarbone follows the head or the body.

Two spiked belts catch the fish and take it through 2 oblique positioned circular knives, which together with an adjustable plate, bends the head backward, and thus makes a perfect wedge-shaped cut, by means of which an optimal yield of the fish is obtained.

Depending upon the operator routine the capacity can be up to 40 fish per minute.

All necessary adjustments when changing fish size/species are easily done and without use of tools.

It has a centrally placed emergency stop and a safety bar, which is activated if unexpected situations arise.

When beheading salmon, size 4-5 kg, with the collarbone placed on the body, the yield percentage to be obtained will be 92-93%.

To compare this the yield percentage without collarbone will be 90-91%.

Dimensions (LxWxH): approximately 900 x 850 x 1950 mm.

Weight: approximately 150 kg.