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Frigoscandia GC 400 Classic Spiral freezer

Manufactured year: 2005

Condition: Good, working

High capacity freezing unit for food products such as fish, meat, fruits, berries, pancakes, and everything that is suitable for the IQF processing method.

Quantity of tiers: 33

The gap between tiers: 60 mm.

Maximum height of product for optimal freezing: 45 mm.

Conveyor width: 420 mm.

Useful width: 375 mm.

Length of one tier: 6800 mm.

Configuration: North - North

Refrigerant: R22

Cooling power: 105 kW

Dimensions for freight shipping without compressor station (L×W×H): 6530 × 2420 × 2950 mm.

Weight for freight shipping: 8900 kg.

Equipped with Bitzer compressor station (model: HSN7471)

Volume capacity: 250 m3 per hour

Cooling power: 80, 6 kW

Power: 66,5 kW