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Equipment for salmon processing factory

Condition: Good, working

Equipment for salmon processing factories.

This is a modern enterprise line able to process about 8000 kilograms of salmon per day.

Next machines included:

1. Trimming line with 6 working stations with adjustable speed and reverse function. Equipped with light bulbs and washing tools.

2. Skinning machine.

3. Two conveyors.

4. Two manual tools for removing bones.

5. Two air knives for filleting.

6. Two knives for cutting fillets.

7. Carnitech salt spreading machine for fish.

8. Scales for salt.

9. Carnitech deslimer (washing machine for salmon).

10. Ice-flake generator (capacity approximately 3000 kilograms per day).

11. Vacuum packing machine.

12. Working tables.

13. Sawing machine for cutting salmon to portions.

13. Transport conveyor.

14. Marel compact CG 60 grader line for 6 bins.

Salmon factory 5 

Salmon factory 4 

Salmon factory 3