Brine maker

Condition: New

This machine designed for preparation brine (marinade) with required density before injection meat and fish products.


- Fast and homogeneous mixing of the liquid and dry brine components.

- All pipelines and valves are easily attached for cleaning and washing.

- The unit can be equipped with wheels for mobility and easy moving

- The power of providing brine reaches up to 100 meters on distance and 30 meters for height.

How it works:

First of all its possible to equip tank with different volume (from 300 liters to 2000 liters). Brine maker completes with the tank and discharged part where is circulating pump connects with a funnel for supplying dry brine elements. Then the tank fills by water and funnel feeds brine inside the tank. After the full cycle of mixing, we will receive ready for using the brine. Afterward, the operator opens the tap for feeding brine straight to an injector.

Advantages of the machine:

- It takes much less time to get a high-quality brine without sticking elements than using other mixers.

- Short mixing time minimizes temperature rise.

- High absorption rate

- The minimum time of preparation of the brine (from 50 to 270 liters per minute).