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Alco AMP 500 Mixer for meat products

Condition: Good, working

The alco AMP mixer is designed for the rapid and homogeneous mixing of a wide range of products. Equipped with a mixing vessel and mixing shafts adapted to the product, it achieves excellent results. Due to its especially hygienic construction, the mixer is also exceptionally well-suited for delicatessen products.

-  Production speed can be continuously adjusted two horizontal, parallel mixing shafts with a geometry that is perfectly adapted to the product 

-Also suitable for sensitive products due to gentle mixing

- Practical loading device and a weighing unit for easy composing of the recipe

- Pneumatically driven discharge flap for easy emptying into standard transport trolleys or special containers

- Changeable directions of rotation for a perfect mixing result

- Insulated walls and monitoring of the product temperature

- Rapid cooling of the products through optional vacuum cooling or injection of cryogenic gases possibility of direct steam feed

- Includes safety grid and cleaning platform intuitive operability via a touch panel, with recipe management

- Remote maintenance service made entirely of stainless steel and food-safe plastics

- Easy-to-clean construction

- High operational reliability

Power: 6 kW
Voltage: 3 x 380 V \ 50 Hz
Weight: 900 kg