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Sealpac A5 Traysealer for packaging products

Manufactured year: 2012

Condition: Good, working 

This traysealer is ideally suited to enter into fully automated packaging of fish, poultry and fresh food products

The SEALPAC A5, which is suitable for packaging of all types of fresh food, brings together almost all the advantages of our larger equipment, but in a compact, space-saving format.

It efficiently processes all sealable materials and fully automatically seals up to 70 packs per minute, depending on tray type and application. The SEALPAC A5 stands for optimal and consistent quality.

Its compact design and low cost of ownership make it excellently suited for small to medium-sized companies, particularly in catering, that want to introduce fully automatic tray-sealing.

Capacity: up to maximum 15 cycles per minute

Output: up to 70 trays per minute

Air pressure: min. 6 bar

Voltage: 3 x 400 \ 230 V

Power: 8 kW

Dimensions (LxWxH): approximately 3100 x 530 x 2130

Tray dimensions (LxW): 1:1 - 208 x 185 mm