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Marel I-Cut 10 Portion cutter for fish products

Manufactured year: 2010

Condition: Good, working

High-speed portion machine

Raw material: fish or poultry fillet

The machine provides three-dimensional measuring of a piece of product, computer finds an optimal cutting scheme and cutting unit cuts fillet due to pre-set scheme. The portion cutter consists of in-feed conveyor, scanning unit, cutting unit and out-feed conveyor.

Camera scans a piece of raw material and computer determines its sizes. Controller M3000 chooses a suitable cutting scheme and calculates the object parameters. Due to this parameters is determined technological assignment suitable for this product. Cutting to portions comes in accordance with chose demands. Than one piece of product go through the whole cutting cycle, machine is ready for work with the next piece.

Machine is managing by controller M3000 with users interface. Controller has a large color display  and waterproof sensor panel. Waterproof durable corpus made of stainless steel (IP67). Controller can be connected with different Marel equipment included in technological systems.

Portion cutter can be installed in line with grader Marel Proline (5 gates).

Technical data:

Belt speed: 0,01 - 0,34 m/sec

Belt width: 280 mm

Belt length (in-feed/out-feed conveyor): 4025/2162 mm

Temparature: 0-30 оC

Water consumption: 0-2 l/min

Voltage of power source: from 3 x 400 V to 3 x 480 V + PE

Power consumption: 4 kW

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Automatic circuit breakers residual current: Type B, 500 mА

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2700 x 980 x 1560 mm

Weight: approx. 360 kg