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Pisces HS - 10 Fish heading machine

Condition: Overhauled

The HS-10 has a single knife to produce a straight cut of a head at an angle adjustable to suit specific fish species. Species handling capabilities include next: Perch, Herring, Trout, Croaker, and Bass. This fish deheader provides high-yield, high-speed head removal from a large variety of fish species, each fish being automatically positioned for maximum yield irrespective of size.

The HS-10 is suitable for all fish in the size range of 113 grams 454 grams depending on species. 

You only need an one operator just for use this machine. 

Dimensions of machine (WxH): approx. 860 x 1420 mm

Water consumption: 7,6 liters per minute

Power: 1,3 kW

Belt speed: 60 trays per minute

Also Pisces headcutting units can be fitted with vacuum evisceration systems whereby the deheaded fish pass by a
vacuum port synchronized to the fish movement. Vacuum evisceration on the headcutting machine makes for clean,
hygenic further processing.