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Vacuum fish system Euskan VS 500

Man.year: 2012

Condition: Good, working

Model: VS 500

Tank capacity: 500 L

Fish transfer capacity: alive fish up to 4 kg

Max. Suction height: 9 m

Max. Pressure height: 18 m

Compreccor: Samson KE225  11 kW- 50 Hz

Power Supply: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz

Water Supply: 15 l/mion at 2 bar

Capacity: 60 m3/h hour max (depending on pumping factors)


Vacuum tank in stainless steel with 8'' (200 mm) in- and outlet with non-return valve. The in- and outlet is designed with "easy change of flapper system" for quick inspection/ changing of the flapper valves.

The tank has lower and upper level sensor for automatic control of filling and emptying.

Flow-watch for controlling supply water with automatic shut down by cooling supply water failure.

Control panel with full PLC, touch screen with changeable language, user menu can set up the work of the vacuum pump.

Closed hydraulic power pack for controlling all valves.

The vacuum system is CE-approved

Advanced options:

- Wireless remote control with the following functions: Start, Stop, Standby.

- Quick couplings on in- and outlet.

- Double operation kit (for parallel operation of 2 vacuum system).

Examples of installation (pumping from net to seiner and discharging in the port):

Euskan 500 7 

Euskan 500 8 

Euskan 500 9