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VC999 RS 420 Thermoformer

Man.year: 2007

Condition: Overhauled

Film width: 320 mm

Stroke lenght: 250 mm

Capacity: 7 cycles per minute

Film thickness: 500 mcr

Die set: 2:1 - external 135 x 250 mm

Package: Darfresh

Possible to reequip for packing in rigid film

Dimensions (LxWxH): 3352 x 690 x 1880 mm

Equipped with Mitsubishi PC touch control and vacuum pump 100 m3 Gardner Denver

The VC999 RS420 is a high production rollstock thermoformer. By using multiple tooling and high cycle speeds this machine allows for large production quantities. As the pack is formed by deep drawing flexible film during the machine cycle, costs for packaging materials and logistics are kept at a minimum.

The truly modular design of the VC999 RS420 offers maximal flexibility. The machine can be individually adapted to meet all requirements of the product. Thus e.g. the loading and discharge lengths can be customized.

With the straightforward linear design of the VC999 RS420, it is very easy to add and integrate peripheral equipment such as dosing, filling, printing, coding, top and bottom web labelling, sorting device, metal detection or weighing units. The programming of the machine is user friendly; all functions can be easily controlled by touch screen with user-guidance. The stainless steel construction is easily cleaned and complies with the strictest hygiene regulations. The truly modular design perfectly accommodates current and future requirements and offers maximum flexibility for future applications and growth.

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