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Strapping Machine Band-A-Matic F117SA

Condition: As is

Easy to use - Easy to maintain.

Fast cycle time of only 1.6 seconds.

Stainless steel construction.

Low voltage at controls and heater.

Display with self diagnostics and settings.

Self adjusting super alloy cutter.

Energy saving with motor cut-off after 16 seconds idle time.

Stops automatically when strap runs out.

Extended Microprocessor control to manage conveyor system.

Photocells ensure correct strap positioning.

Choice of 1, 2 or 3 straps per box.

Geared conveyor motor located inside cabinet.

Power supply: 3-phases 220/380/400 V., 50Hz/60Hz

Consumption: 950 W

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1470x1200x1335 mm 

Conveyor belt: 670 mm - 730 mm

Arch measures:

- Wide: 500 mm

- Heigh: 400 mm

Box measures:

- Wide: 150 mm (min.) 500 mm (max.).

- Heigh: 70 mm (min.) 400 mm. (max.).