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Weber 902 slicer for meat and cheese products

Man.year: 2002

Condition: Good, working

High-performance slicer for cutting meat products, sausages and cheese.

Slices thickness: 0,1-50 mm

Cutting speed: up to 600 cuts per minute by circular knife and up to 1500 cuts per minute by crescent knife

Cutting shaft can be smoothly adjusted up to 380 mm at width and from 125 to 180 mm at height.

Max. Product length: 1200 mm

Made of stainless steel

Automatic loading. Roller lifter for product.

Teflon loading conveyor.

Optic sensor for determination of the beginning of a product integrated into a guide.

Portion and managing conveyors are placed in the portioning area.

Portion conveyors collects slices into portions and passes them to managing conveyor.

Portion conveyors: 190 mm

Flow control scales provides weightening with conveyor speed 1300 mm/sec. Made of stainless steel. Doesn't need dismantling for cleaning.

Tandem scales

Length of weighting table: 485 mm

Width of each table: 180 mm

Passing ability: up to 100 weightings per minute

Max. portion weight: 2 х 1 kg

Accuracy: +/- 0,1 g

Transporter for ready product from slicer to packing machine.

Transporter length: 3100 mm

Sortering belt placed upper the transporter belt, length 2100 mm

Automatic holder for cheese and other product 141-160 mm in width and 81-100 mm in length