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PER Deslimer for salmon

Man.year: 2017

Condition: New

Deslimer is designed to remove impurities and remaining's from the surface of fish. It operates withwhole fish. The process of washing is important to significantly decrease the number bacteria on wholeor gutted fish and increase overall product hygiene levels.


Delicate product washing

Efficient bacteria and slime removal

Easy-to-clean design

Adjustable pressure jets

How it works: During washing operation, fresh water from tap is used to wash the whole or gutted salmon. Dirty wateris guided through the filters and then to sewage. Excess water is removed from the fillets with the help of air flow at the exit of washing zone. Fish in machine is being moved with help of wire-mesh transporter. High open area of belt ensures maximum washing efficiency. Speed of conveyor can be adjusted to regulate amount of water used on each fish.

Capacity: 15 - 40 pcs\min

Water consumption: up 30 l\min

Size of processed fish: 1 - 5 kg

Power: 7 kW

Water pressure: 2 bar

Dimension (LxWxH): 3500 x 1200 x 1450 mm

Weight: approx. 550 kg