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Brine injector Fomaco FGM88 DW

Condition: Working

Used for injecting fish fillet and chicken by brine and marinade.

2 needle bridges with 88 needle nests

Belt width: 750 mm

Needle bridge valves are activated individually, injecting only when the needles are in the product, reducing the quantity of return brine or marinade considerably.

The high performance centrifugal pump gives a constant brine pressure, ensuring uniform distribution of brine, regardless of product size. 

Able to change the height of the impact and range of injection for any product size.

Machine is able to adapt to all product heights. It is even possible to define the movement range of the needle head from top to bottom, which means that the machine only injects between two predefined points. 

The rotary filter drum and 4 vertical filter screens remove larger particles from the return brine. The filter tank is designed with a sloping bottom to minimize the brine waste. 

The self-cleaning protein filter FM 80 has a unique ability to remove all impurities contained in the brine. This will prevent the holes in the needles from being clogged - even after many hours of continuous production. 

The sectionally-divided, pneumatic stripper feet following the contours of the product and fix it for accurate injection. This provides a uniform needle pattern, and prevents the product from being injected twice - or from not being injected at all. 

Machine is equipped with automatic washing program.

Machine consists of thoroughly tested quality components designed to work in a highly demanding and aggressive production environment. It is a sturdy, durable, high performance production machine which require a minimum amount of maintenance. 


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