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Fomaco FGM 112 M3 injector

Man.year: 2006

Condition: Good, working

This is high perfomance injector suitable for meat, poultry and also for fish.

Capacity: Up to 15 ton\h depending on product & injection level

Needle bridge stroke: up to 70 strokes

Max. stroke height: 230 mm

Quantity of needles: 2 x 112 (3 mm)

Transport system width: 950 mm

Max. product height: 200 mm

Drive unit for needle bridge: 4 kW

Pump motor: 7,5 kW

Centrifugal APV pump

Pump capacity: 0,5 bar up to 200 l\min

Air consumption: max. 1100 l\min

Weight: 1650 kg

Complete with self-cleaning filter and brine tank with drum filter

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