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Tiromat CFS M360 Horizontal Thermoformer

Man.year: 2006

Condition: Working

Capacity: up to 10 strokes per minute

This machine is a professional automatic thermoforming line which is used for vacuum packaging of almost types of products: meat, fish and seafood, cheeses, salads, vegetables, fruits, medical products and other food products.

The packaging is formed automatically by the machine from two films - top and bottom. The product is placed by the operator in the cells formed from the lower film. Automatic mode for: vacuuming, sealing, cutting and labeling (optional) of the products is carried out.

The operator has the ability to program stroke, speed, time, temperature, vacuum level.

Type of film: Soft

Width of film:

Upper - 340 mm

Bottom - 360 mm

Power: 19 kW

Air pressure: 8 bar

Water pressure: 2 bar

Max. depth of drawing: 130mm

Die set: 2:1 (140x150 mm)

Dimensions (LxWxH): 6500 x 1100 x 2300 mm

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