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Baader 482 - Automatic Fish Feeder

Man.year: 1991

Condition: overhauled 

For processing herring, blue whiting and other pelagic fish 

Fish size range: 20-40 cm 

Capacity: 150-200 fish/min 

Power consumption: 2,2 kW 

Water consumption: approx. 8 l/min 

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2,90 x 1,10 x 1,70 m

Can be integrated into Baader 35 filleting line 

Fish is placed on vibrotrays where centered according head and tail. Then it is moving to trays of filleting machine in suitable condition (with fish backrest - up and fish abdomen - down)

Higher capacity 250 fish/min can be reached with using autofeeder Baader 482 

Only 1 operator is needed