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Marel Silk Cut 90 Slicer for salmon, trout, herring fillet

Man.year: 2010

Condition: Good, working

Designed for slicing of salmon, trout, mackerel, halibut, herring  fillet

Capacity: up to 90 slices/min; from 50 to 230 kg/hour 

Dimensions: 1950 х 770 х 1535 mm

Weight: 270 кг

Voltage: 3 х 400 V + N + PE, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 1,2 kW

Cutting angle: (standard / to order) 8° - 20° in 10° range from 8 till 50°

Slice width: 1,5 - 30 mm

Маx.product height: 40 mm

Max.product width: 220 mm

Product temperature: from -4 till +4 °С

Cutting section: The design of this section has been reversed in order to facilitate assembly and disassembly of the machine for cleaning procedures. Cutting mechanisms which include knives, are from more rigid structure. Using a simple mounting system a section can be easily detached, picked up and hanged up on the stand for cleaning. In this position, you can manually rotate the conveyor belt  or weaken their tension and take off for a more thorough treatment.

Knives: The section where the knives are, and the device that supports the knives, have been enhanced to ensure a long service life.

Feed conveyor: Section has been lengthened and the table is made of stainless steel trays, which can be easily removed for cleaning a machine. Now you do not need to take off the entire feeding mechanism for cleaning the slicer.

Yield product section: The section has been elongated to permit using of larger surfaces.

Control Panel: Now it is the touchscreen panel, through which the cutting angle, the thickness of the slices and the speed of the slicer are set. All data are displayed. Settings can be changed during operations. Mark II series machines can be supplied with software that allows you to change the cutting angle and the thickness of the slices in the machine.

Safety switches: All safety switches are magnetic so that is more durable and easy to use.

Slicers Marel Silk Cut Series Mark II - a new generation of well-known Silk Cut slicers. Slicers are controlled by one operator who puts  fillet on the feeding conveyor, placing a substrate on the discharge conveyor and takes off sliced fillet placed on a substrate.