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HESY Recirculation Fish Farming System

Man.year: 2010's

Condition: Excellent

This farm is designed for careful cultivation of caviar and whitebait.

The farm is complete of: pools (bassins) for growing caviar or fish, drum filters, pumps, storages, plate heat exchagers, control panels.

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Caviar plant 35  


1. Drum filter to remove all particles (> 30 micron) with capacity: 6 - 160 t for 300 m3/h 

Power: 0.55 kW

2. Rinse water pump with capacity 4.8 m3/h at 7.0 bar, this pump rinses on intervai with system water maximal required rvith 180 kg feed per day t 1.5 m3/h

Power: 3 kW

3. Pump water system

Power and capacity: 10 m3/h at 0.7 bar 0.55 kw

4. Water storage sump under the drum filter with an overflw connection to sump 

5. Water storage / pump sump under trickiing filter

6. Submerged up-flow filter for de-nitrification ulth 7.5 m3 fiiter material with a specific surface of 200 m2/m3, the water flows over to the up-flow filter 14

7. Ethanol dosing pump, per kg feed +\- 50 gram/ethanol

8. Pump a 285 m3\h at 0.7 bar 9.2 kW, to 16 nozzles above trickling fiiter, more than one time per hour all system water is treated.

9. Trickling filter 72.9 m3 filter pack with a specific surface of 200 m2/m3, this is abiologic filter that's removes NH4 and NO3

10. Ventilator with power 0.5 kW on top of the trickling fiiter with conneccion through the roof, to de-gas and ventilate the filter and the room, the units are connected with a volume-speed regulator

11. Pump and spare pump to cover 300 m3\h which supply oxygen to all 8 pools.

12. Oxygen reactor to bring the water on over saturation with pure oxygen

13. Pump 80 m3\h at 7 bar with power 2,2 kW, 33 % of all water is filtered by this pump

14. Submerged up-flow filter for nitrification and to remove smaller particles 

15. Ultra violet lamps

16. Plate heat exchanger on intake water and for recirculation water. 

Second section with 6 pools (total volume 390 m3) designed to grow fish with size of caviar production with the same units. 

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