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VMK Automatic Filleting and Deheading line for pelagic fish

Man.year: 2004-2005

Condition: Good, working

Species: Herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, blue whiting, sardine, anchovy, kilka and sardinella and more.

Filleting line VMK

The VMK Automatic Filleting line is a high-precision combination automatic feeding, heading and filleting machine which produces high-yield butterfly or single fillets. This versatile line may also be configured with skinner and piece cutter to produce skin-off fillets and/or tit bits. Deli-styled dressed fish may also be produced, utilizing a brush and grindstone to carefully clean out the belly cavity.

The VMK Automatic Filleting line can do 300 fish/min without an operator when utilized with a VMK Vision System.

If required, the filleting section can be operated as a hand-fed stand-alone machine. 

Height: 1300 mm

Weight: 600 kg

Power: 3 kW

Water pressure: 3 bar

Deheading and nobbing line VMK

The VMK Nobbing machine accurately and efficiently removes the head and tail of the fish, and then evacuates the viscera using a hygienic vacuum system synchronized to the travel of the fish for increased suction time. Stainless steel fish pockets carry the fish to precision measuring devices that customize the position of the head cut and tail cut for each individual fish achieving extremely high yield. The Nobbing machine can either be manually fed utilizing up to 3 operators or done automatically. Speed depends on the size of the fish. With stainless steel head and fish pocket chains, both interchangeable for size and adjustable for speed, our machines can accommodate a variety of sizes and type of fish

Height: 1300 mm

Weight: approx. 600 kg

Power: 1,1 kW

Water consumption: 10 l\min

Water pressure: 3 bar

Automatic feeder VMK

Height: 1350 mm

Weight:  approx. 600 kg

Power: 1,1 kg

Water consumption: 12 l\min

Water pressure: 3 bar


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