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Filleting line Baader 235 with autoffeder Baader 484 and Baader skinner 56

Herring, mackerel, sardine filleting line Baader 235

Man.year: 1999

Condition: Good, working

The Baader 235 is a processing machine for pelagic fish. Starting from round fish, it can manufacture the total product line, such as butterfly fillets, single fillets (with or without skin), fillet pieces (without skin), nobbed and fried-fish products. This machine processes different fish such as herring, salt and herb herring, mackerel, plehard, sardine, trout within a range from 22 to 42 cm in total length. The basic machine can be quickly adapted to the desired product and type of fish through easy exchange of whole sub-assemblies and components.

This line is completed with  autofeeder Baader 484, heading, gutting and skinning units

Capacity: up to 250 fish\min

Power consumption: 4,5 kW

Water consumption: 15 l\min

Dimensions: 3950 x 2600 x 1570 mm

Weight (net/gross): 1293\177 kg

The line equipped with autofeeder Baader 484

Man.year: 1999

Condition: Good, working

And line include skinner Baader 56 

Man.year: 1998

Condition: Good, working

This machine is designed for being directly attached to the herring filleting machines Baader 235 and 36. It receives the butterfly fillets, removes the dark fatty layer along the back and skins them in a meat saving manner, the silver film is retained on the fillet. The working range is from 19 to 42 cm in total length. Knife sets can be added to cat the fillets into pieces. Easily exchangeable rollers fitted with blades are available for pieces  of 15, 20, 24, 26, 30, 33, 36 or 40mm. If the skinning machine is attached, the filleting machines keep on producing butterfly fillets, single fillets with skin as well as fried  fish.

Capacity: 600 fillet\min

Power consumption: 0,75 kW

Water consumption: 16 l\min

Dimensions: 2200 x 1150 x 1130 mm

Weight (net\gross): 391\486 kg

Also this line can be connected with Baader 520 - bulk feeder\hopper

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