Marel M3000 Grader for 8 bins

Man.year: 2014

Condition: New, never used

Completed for 4 bins (4 on the each side)

The grader is designed for high-precision weight grading. The reliable machine is able to provide intelligent batching to produce batches of accurate pre-set weight for packing on the next stage.

Capacity: from 120 to 180 weightings per minute

Products: poultry, fish and meat

Weighing precision: +/- 1 g

Fault percentage: less than 1% of batch weight

Max. batch size: 10 liters

Monitor: Marel 3000

Baskets are prepared for batching pre-set weight or quantity. Grader helps to avoid overfilling by using weighing devices in baskets. The scales monitor the actual weight of batch for confirmation or correction and pass this data to the main weight grader computer. Controller adjusts the accumulated piece weight accordingly to the collected weight.

The ready batches are drop to packet or box. Conveyor for evacuation of ready products is placed under the separator

Hopper scale in every basket

Permanent monitoring of the batches weight

Easy access for cleaning

Stainless steel load cells

Each basket equipped with a buffer to minimize blocking of the gates

Less reject-and-rework off completed batches

Construction: stainless steel IP67