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NM - 61 Knife sharpening machine

Condition: New

It is used for knife sharpening for all kinds of Baader equipment

Working range: All circular knives from 200-400mm in diameter used in BAADER machines (Optionally can sharp 120 - 200 mm diameter of blades costs 700 EUR)

Customer Benefits:

  1. Laid out for a considerably extended size range
  2. Gentle treatment of the material thanks to the lapping method
  3. Highest efficiency
  4. Sharpened knives are completely free from any burrs
  5. Designed for resharpening knives and for providing extremely worn blunt knives with exact chamfers again.

Power consumption: 0,21 kW

Dimensions: 0,75 x 0,45 x 0,55 m

Weight (net/gross): 66/105 kg