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Geba WSM 140 DVA Dual lane slicer

Man.year: 1999

Condition: Good, working

This soft slicing machine is a new dimension in slicing technology. It is a technical advanced slicer for soft unfrozen products:

- easy accessible stainless steel base frame;

- new roller conveyor to receive sliced products;

- double lane high performance production machine;

- the fillets are automatically fed through the slicing mechanism and the sliced fillets are placed neatly onto packing trays.

Cutting angle: 10-17 deg (2 units), 18-25 (1 unit)

Capacity: 140 slices/min

Product temperature: -2C to +5C

Power: 1 kW

Voltage: 220 V \ 50 Hz

Weight: 310 kg