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Kerres JS H-2850 Smoking chamber


Man.year: 2000

Condition: Good, working 

The KERRES JET SMOKE universal smokehouses provide a constant quality with all smoking processes and heat treatment methods. The smouldering of the sawdust in the separate smoke generator and the exact co-ordinated circulation in the smokehouse ensure first-class products. The fully automatic process control enables reliable repeatable production processes. KERRES units are manufactured in modular design. They are flexibly designed and easily assembled. The robust stainless steel construction is CE tested. The Universal Smokehouse 2850 is available in various sizes and all current heating systems. Your benefits: energy saving mode of operation low sawdust consumption short smoking times low loss of weight.

JET SMOKE is a smoke circulating system which reduces the smoke emissions to the statutory levels - in fact below them. The smoke is continuously regenerated via the smoke generator. The benefit: the circulation system is sealed; no fresh air enters the system and there's virtually no exhaust gas. This method ensures a particularly environmental friendly and economical operation in all processes. In this closed JET SMOKE system the generated smoke is used in the best possible way. It stands for minimum energy requirements environmental friendly lower loss of weight as conventional procedures.


- horizontal air circulation system for products in a lying position

- fully automatic regenerative separate smoke generation for sawdust smoke, friction smoke and liquid smoke

- all kinds of smoking processes: hot smoking, intensive smoking, cold smoking

- extremely high carging of the smoke truck possible ( up to 38 stations)

- modular design and individual sizes: from the single-truck to the multi-truck-smokehouse for the industrial production

- floor passable

- easy to clean with integrated foam cleaning system

- integrated bottom drainage

- microprocessor control, reliable repeatable processes

- easy to install on the spot

- environmental-friendly and economical thanks to modern JET SMOKE technology

- cooling battery fitted as standard

Technical data:

Connected load: 2 x 32 kW

Heating: 2 x 28,8 kW

Motor: 3 kW

Voltage: 400 V

Quantity cycles: 50 

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1680 x 1380 x 2800 mm

Capacity smoke truck: 720 kg depending on the product type

Smoke truck size: 101 x 101 x 200 mm

Control: Kerres computer

Working temperature for smoking fish (salmon, trout, herring): 30 - 70 C depending on speed.