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Norden CIS-N 75 - Nobbing machine for herring, mackerel

Condition: Working

Nobbing machine for herring, mackerel

Capacity: up to 225 fish per minute

Size range of machine: 2 - 10 fish for 1 kg

Very simple and easy-handle construction, but it's efficiency is much higher. The machine fully conforms to the European quality and security norms and regulations. The machine can process a number of fish species that have similar bodyshape, such as herring, mackerel, saury, silver smelt, sardine, sardinella, anchovy etc. CIS-N 75 use mechanical gutting method when the fish is slightly incising near head and then the head is twisting out along with the guts (the roe and the milt remain in the fish body). The tail may be cut off when it's necessary. The peculiar feature of CIS-N 75 is a special unit that places the fish of different sizes (within a certain range) in an optimal position for head cutting. It guarantees the head cut off with minimal lose of raw material and increas the yield up to 15% comparing to similar machines without this device. The final product is HG+T fish. The nobbing machine CIS-N 75 may be also equipped with customized length cut unit.

Water consumption: up to 15 l/min

Air pressure: not less than 3 bars

One point connection, 3/4".

Electricity - 3 x 380 v, 50/60 Hz

Power: 1,5 kW

Example of nobbing: