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Norfo Automatic block sawing line for fishblocks

Man.year: 2000's

Condition: Good, working

The NORFO Automatic Band Saw is developed especially for cutting frozen fillet blocks.

The saw is equipped with a smooth running feed table and solid guide system, which automatically feeds the blocks into saw blade.

In order to ensure maximum strenght and rigidity the saw is designed with a central column and a minimum distance between the blade drums. Together with two efficient blade guides this ensures an exact and quick cutting function. All parts are made of stainless steel and materials approved for the food industry, and saw developed for rational and and efficient cleaning, easy to sawdust.

Quick and safe adjustment is possible when another cutting pattern is required to fit a new production. 

The NORFO Automatic Band Saw is provided with a pneumatic tensioning of the blade.

Automatic Portion Saw, High Speed

Capacity: 20-120 slabs per minute

Max. trimmings: 10 mm

Blade speed: 3500-4000 rpm

Motor for blade: 18,5 kW, 2800 rpm

Motor for sawdust conveyor: 0,18kW, 1400 rpm

Slabs dimensions, length (long cut): 478 - 490 mm

Slabs dimensions, length (short cut): 250 - 258 mm

Slabs dimensions, height: 8 - 30 mm

Slabs dimensions, width: 20 - 127 mm

Consumption electricity: 12 kW

Consumption air: 100 l/min (at 8 bar)

Grinding, blades (at -18°C): 100 - 200 hours

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1170 x 1455 x 1875 mm

Weight: 410 kg

Multi Band Saw

Capacity: 25-40 logs/min., depending upon feed system

Blade thickness: 0.35 mm

Lifetime of blades: more than 8 hours, depending upon product and speed

Number of blades: 5 pcs.

Distance between blades (slab thickness): 7-40 mm

Norfo Block Sawing Line (10)

1          Driven drum

2          Non-drive drum

3          Sawing bridge          Thickness of lower slab can be adjusted on adjustment screw

4          Blade guide              Parallel adjustment with arms

5          Tension shoes           Individual tension of blades

6          Upper bridge            Spring-tensioned. Keeps product in position

7          Scraper                    Cleans drums

8          Adjustment handle  Slab thickness is selected by tilting drum and blade guide                                     bracket

9         Water nozzles          Lubrication and cooling of blades

10       Water nozzles          Inside cleaning, manually operated

11       Control panel 

Portion Saw

The portion saw is manufactured for cutting slabs from frozen fish fillet blocks into portions. The saw includes a magazine, which can be fed manually or automati­cally from the NORFO Multi Band Saw (MBS). From the magazine they are taken, one by one, through the sawing section. This has two horizontal upper blade-shafts with rotating sawblades. At first the slabs are cut into rectan­gular portions.

Saw blades will straighten up between cuts, and thus a long lifetime of the blades is obtained.

Each slab is during the cutting process safely fastened in a nylon carrier. The nylon carriers can be exchanged if portions with  other shapes are to be cut.

The cut portions are removed from the carriers by an automatic separator/spreader system for collection, or for delivery to batter/breader, etc.

The mechanical portion separator will make sure that the portions are staggered and completely spread before entering the batter-breader line.

The sawdust from the cutting is removed by a band system for collecting in boxes.

The machine will cut non-tempered blocks, thus save energy and handling.

Since the trapezoid portions are fully spread, no operator is needed behind the machine.

It will cut planks of variable thickness, even 20 mm without breaking portions.

Sawing of rectangular portions of min. 40 mm width is possible by by-passing the second blade shaft.

Technical specification


Stainless steel, FDA approved plastic materials. Heavy duty construction, hygienic and easy to clean.

Product dimensions:

Slabs length: 254 or 482 mm

Slabs width: 40 - 160 mm

Slabs height: 10 - 20 mm

Capacity: 20-100 slabs per minute

Electricity: 3x380 V, 50 Hz + 0 + E

Consumption: 11 kW

Total fuse: 3 x 50 A

PLC control: OMRON


Blade diameter: 6 3/4" x 1 1/4" (171 x 31,75 mm)

Blade thickness: 0.030" (0.762 mm)

Number of blades: 3-24 pcs. on blade shaft

Speed: 2800 r.p.m.

Compressed air: 8 bar, 50 l/min.

Shipping weight: 1700 kg

Infeed height: 900 - 1050 mm

Outfeed height: 830 - 980 mm

Total height :

(guard up)  2085 - 2235 mm

(guard down) 2415 - 2565 mm