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MOI - Roe separation machine

Man.year: 2016

Condition: New

This roe separation machine designed to separate salted roe from the brine by centrifuge method, with drain and spin control mode.

Capacity of the machine eliminates the lengthy process (up to 8 hours) dehydration caviar.

One machine replaces three or four shelves for dripping (2000 kg per day), reduce the work of staff to fill boxes with caviar, cleaning of boxes.

Includes two baskets and of high quality materials, enough to fully loaded operated by one person.

Reduce the size of the occpied plant area and risks of contamination of the product during a long stay on the shelves of eggs.

Within 7 minutes you get dehydrated caviar in a state that exceeds eight-hour run-off on the rack

The machine is programmed to automatically smooth acceleration and consistent access to the specified speed in order to prevent damage to the eggs of caviar.

Capacity: 80 - 100 kg/h

Rotation speed: up to 180 rev per minute

Basket volume: 45 l

Weight for 1 load: 25 kg

Power: 0,55 kw

Voltage: 3 x 380 V/ 50 Hz

Dimensions (DxH): 550 x 900 mm

Weight: 145 kg