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APS Peeling machine for vegetables (potato, carrot)

Man.year: 2008

Condition: Never used

The PPM Technologies APS achieves efficient peeling by using eight high speed abrasive rollers. Product is fed through the peeler via a screw conveyor. The peeling time and peeling loss are controlled by adjusting the speed of the feeding screw. The high speed of the rollers and the adjustable individual roller speeds result in efficient and uniform peeling. The highspeed operation reduces water consumption. And, the designis self-cleaning as peel and dirt are thrown to the side walls of the peeler. Peel and dirt can then be collected in a traylocated under the rollers.

Roller length: 3000 mm

Power roller drive: 4 kW

Power feeding screw: 0,37 kW

Dimensions (LxW): 3925 x 1322 mm

Waste outlet: 2300 x  200 mm

Made of stainless steel