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Pisces SFS - 14 with integrated heading machine

Man.year: 2008

Condition: As new, never used

Designed for heading and gutting pelagic fish

Used for the processing of blue whiting

The fish are delivered on to the fish tray and then manually fed into the moving fish pockets. The fish are placed nose against the metal guide closest to operator. The belly of the fish should be oriented so that the belly is facing the same way the belt is travelling. Once the fish is placed into the trays it moves to the head  removal blade. After the head  is removed the head is ejected from the machine and the body  is guided from the head removal belt into two transfer belts. The transfer belts guide a fish into an up right position with the belly down and the head forward. The headless fish then proceeds into  the eviscerating section. Upon entering this section the fish pass over a guiding spear. This hooked spear travels beneath the spine of the fish until the end of the belly cavity where the spear exists through the fish's anus. This operation will align the fish in the machine with the spine is at a known position. The belly of the fish is then opened with a circular knife. The fish then travels over a guide or horse to a spinning cleaning wheel which removes the loose viscera. The fish is then again guided to a second spinning wheel which cleans the blood line kidney from the fish. The belly cavity of the fish is then washed by a water spray as it exits the machine. The cleaned fish is ready for inspection and further processing or packing.


Capacity: 120 fish per minute with temperature -1 to +5 C

Power: 5 kW

Voltage: 3 x 400 V

Water consumption: 20 l/min

Weight: 1200 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2500 x 2500 x 1300 mm

Easy to clean and operate (2 people required)