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Silk Cut CP 180 MK-2 Salmon Slicer

Man.year: 2002

Condition: Good, working

The CP 180 Silk cut slicer has a capacity of up to 180 slices/min., corresponding to approx. 200 kg/h by 1 kg fillets. It has a slicing angle interval of 8°-20°. Slice thickness can be varied from 2-30 mm, with a maximum slice width of 205 mm. The design of the machines facilitates fast end efficient cleaning, a cleaning stand is included for the cleaning of loose parts.

Capacity: up to 180 slices per minute

Cutting angle: 8°-20°

Max cutting width: 2 x 205 mm

Max. product length: 700 mm

Max. product height: 45 mm

Slice thickness: from 2mm

Power: 1,2 kW