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Baader 212K (HR) - Gutting machine

Man.year: 2011

Condition: Almost unused

Heading and gutting machine for Alaska pollock with roe and liver removal attachment 

The Baader 212K - is autonomous, controlled by a computer, processing unit for gutting and heading of Alaska pollock with simultaneous extraction of roe and liver. It processes up to 150 fish/min within a size range from 35-50 cm in total length (350 - 1700 gr). The fish is headed with a meat saving cut. Subsequently, it is eviscerated in such a gentle manner that the roe and the liver remain fully intact. To ensure complete processing, you need to install the filleting machine Baader 182 or 212 and Skinner Baader 51/52.

Capacity:  150 fish/min

Power consumption: 2,5 kW

Water consumption: 20 L/min

Dimensions:4,34 x 1,85 x 1,66 m

Weight (net/gross): 1140/1570 kg