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Baader 424 Heading machine (straight cut)

Man.year: 1990

Condition: Working

This machine is suitable for heading and as a special version it can also be used for gutting whitefish, redfish and  similar  fish  with  a maximum back   width   of   up   to   I50   mm. Depending   on   how   the fish   is arranged, the head cut is performed either   in   a   straight   or   oblique manner. After  heading, the  fish  fed  through  the machine  opens  according  to  its  size  a multi-flap  cover  arranged  in  front of  a vacuum suction  socket  which  draws  the guts  out  of  the  abdominal  cavity. The efficient gutting process is ensured by a rotating impeller incorporated in the suction head. The special multi-flap cover in front of the vacuum suction device allows the effective processing of each fish size at a constant maximum vacuum. The cleanliness  of  the  abdominal  cavity  is contingent upon the freshness and consistency of its contents, in particular, as far as roe and milt are concerned. The collection bin   under   the   machine, which is maintained under vacuum by a separate vacuum pump, can be positioned with its largely dimensioned outlet socket either on the  left-hand  or  right-hand  side  which depends on the local conditions

Working range: whitefish, redfish and similar fish from 30-110 cm in total length (thickness max. I50 mm)

Capacity: 50 fish/min (depends on size and species)

Power consumption: 1,5 kW

Water consumption: 8 l/min         

Dimensions: 2100 x 1500 x 2000 m

Weight (net/gross): 630/740 kg