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Norfo Automatic block sawing line for fishblocks or minceblocks 7,5 kg

Norfo Automatic block sawing line for fishblocks or minceblocks 7,5 kg

Man. year: 2000's

Condition: Good

The Norfo sawing line is meant for cutting up standart 7,5 kg. The blocks  are fed lengthwise or crosswise.

The system consits of the following units:

1. Automatic Band Saw, dividing the blocks into trimmer uses 1 circular blade.

2. Top Trimmer, trimming the top of the log. The trimmer uses 1 circular blade.

3. Log Turner, turning logs so ABS and MBS is cutting the slabs in the same direction.

4. Multi Band Saw, dividing the logs into slabs. The saw uses up to 6 band saw blades, according to model.

5. Slabs Turner, turning one stack of slabs and feed them into the magazin of the Trapezoid Portion Saw.

6. Trapezoid Saw, dividing the slabs into portions. The saw uses 1 or 2 shafts with circular saw blades.

Norfo Automatic block sawing line for fishblocks or minceblocks 7,5 kgMan. year: 2000'sCondition: Good

The Norfo automatic band saw is especially developed for cutting frozen blocks.

The saw is built with the possibility of a quick and safe change between different productions.

To ensure maximal strenght and stability the saw is constructed with a central column and short distance between

the blade wheels. The desogn together with the two blades guides ensure a precise fast cutting function.

the saw has pneumatic tentioning of the blade.

All parts are manufactured in stainless steel. The saw is especially developed with consideration to a rational and efficient cleaning and design makes

it easy to collect the sawdust.

Top Trimmer 

The Norfo  Top trimmer is develped for trimming logs after the Automatic Band Saw, so that they have even height and a homogeneous surface.

The top Trimmer is fed with logs from an Automatic Band Saw (ABS).

The NORFO Top Trimmer is constructed so that efficient cleaning and change of blades can be done in a very short time.

The Top Trimmer is mounted with an automatic lift/lower system. The Top Trimmer is lowered towards the product when ABS is

feeding it with logs. When ABS is not feeding logs or when the Top Trimmer must be emptied for wash it will be lifted.

Log Turner  

The Norfo Log Turner is manufactured for turning logs 90 degrees after the ABS Top Trimmer.

In some cases the logs must be turned 180 degrees.

The Log Turner can only be operated together with the Automatic Band Saw.

It is possible to disconnect the Log Turner so that the Sawing Line works normally.

Multi Band Saw

The saw has up to to 6 thin blades and can be adjusted for cutting logs into 2-7 slabs. The blade tensioning

is individual and the saw automatically stops at blade fracture.

The saw is fed with logs from the NORFO Automatic Band Saw or feeder.

During operation most of the sawdust is taken directly out through a chute on the side and the sawdust can be collected

without stopping the saw.

The NORFO Multi Band Saw has a selfadjusted blade guide, to make a quick safe change between different productions possible.

Slabs Turner  

The   Norfo Slabs Turner is meant to turn the slabs 90 degrees after Multi Band Saw.

The Slabs Turner turns the slabs so that the trapezoid Saw receives the slabs in the right direction.

The Slabs Turner only works when the total sawing line is in operating.

Trapezoid Saw 

The Norfo Trapezoid Saw has been especially developed for cutting slabs into trapezoid shaped portions.

The product, which is being cut, is a log being divided into 3-6 slabs on a Multi Band Saw. These stacks of slabs are pushed into the magazin of the Trapezoid Saw by the pusher in the Slabs Turner.

Here the carriers continuously removes them one by one from the bottom and transports throught the blade shafts.

After the slab has passed through the first blade shaft the pieces are pushed together and the carrier continues through the next upper blade shaft, which is placed in a angle compared to the first blade shaft.

It is also possible to run the Trapezoid Saw without the 2nd blade shaft. In this case the saw will act as an ordinary Portion Saw and cut rectangular pieces.

Sawdust from the blade shafts is collected on 2 conveyors.

The saw is controlled by a PLC. If the guards are opened a separate safety system makes sure that all dangerous movable parts are stopped immediately.