APC Slicer

Man.year: 2004

Condition: Good, working

APC Slicer slices irregular or uniform-shaped chilled, bone-in or boneless, meat or fish products to constant weight portions at high speeds.

This high output slicer incorporates APC technology, producing up to 180 portions per minute, enabling a single operator to produce up to 680 kgs of weight-controlled portions in one hour.

With automatic weight-controlled portioning and a superb cut, the APC Slicer provides maximum yields from its purpose-designed slicer blade, impressively maintaining portion accuracy to 2-3% standard deviation on boneless product.

Users can also pre-program the machine to cut a combination of up to 4 different portion weights or thicknesses from individual loins.

APC Slicer is of high quality construction and is totally enclosed for improved safety.

Integrated Systems

APC Slicer can operate as a stand alone machine or it can be integrated with a range of weigh/grading options.

Slices wide variety of bone-in and boneless, chilled meat or fish products to constant weight or constant thickness portions.

Gravity feed system ensures the highest yields.

Superb cut quality and product presentation.

High output. A single operator can produce up to 680 kgs of weight controlled portions in one hour.

Speeds: Up to 180 constant weight boneless portions per minute. Up to 216 constant thickness boneless portions per minute.

Very easy to use with clear on-screen graphics.

99 product program memories allow quick product changeover.

Can be pre-programmed to cut a combination of up to 4 different portion weights or thicknesses from individual, irregularly shaped product.

Checkweigher feedback can be added for increased accuracy and higher yields.

Product and blade totally enclosed for maximum safety.

Robust construction with product contact parts in stainless steel and food grade materials.

Quick and easy to clean.

Voltage: 3 x 220 V

Weight: approx. 950 kg

Lignende Maskiner

Слайсер Weber CCS 404A 200