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Linco - Weighing system for boxes with live birds

Condition: Working

The weighing system gross/net boxes is designed to determine the weight of the incoming live poultry by weighting the total bird boxes and empty boxes and calculate the difference between them. The system comprises two weight module with feed chain conveyors equipped with electric speed adjustment, mechanical stop device boxes, load cell, the control unit with frequency converters to change the speed and the solenoid valves. Each corresponds to the feed conveyor weighing, weighing the full or empty crates. equipped with a load cell equipped with an interface to the main control panel.

The system also includes a weight computer software. The weighing system is used to record the total weight of the bird and to increase the yield of products.

Power of feed conveyor:  2 x 0,55 kW

Power of weighing conveyor: 2 x 1,5 kW

Air consumption: 4 l/min

Dimensions (LxWxH): up to 3800 x 2300 x 1050 mm (2 modules)