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Cabinplant - Complete Canning Line

The canning line is consisted of different machines connected in order to provide the perfect product quality for Hansa and Dingley cans.

 Capacity: 115 cans/minute  

Type of cans: Type: Hansa Dimensions: Length 148 mm - Width 81 mm - Height 22mm Used for: Sprat, Herring fillet, Mackerel fillet, Salmon Fillet

                     Type: Dingley Dimensions: Length 105 mm - Width 73 mm - Height 24 mm Used for: Sardine, Sprat, Herring fillet, Mackerel fillet, Anchovy, Mussels, Cod liver, fish egg   

The line is consisted of the following machinery in the following working order:

 1. Salting Tank with conveyor with flaps in order to transport the fish slowly through the tank with water and salt. Dimensions: 5 m length - 2 meters width  

2. Deheading - Degutting - Filleting 2 Pieces by VMK and ARENCO 

3. Can feeding machine for stacked cans

4. Conveyor belt system for manually filling the cans with the fish. Automatically brings the fish on the table and in front of the workers in order to fill the cans manuall

5. Tilting system in order to tilt each can to position it on plastic trays. The line is provided with 500 plastic trays (45 x 45 cm

6. The plastic trays are manually loaded on trolleys which are used in the Oven chamber. Oven chamber with 3 wagons capacity. Each wagon has a capacity of 80 plastic trays. 6 Trolleys are included. 

7. Plastic tray tilting system to tilt again each can in order to be fed into the canning line.

8. Autoclave sterilizer by Steriflow Barriquand with capacity of 4 baskets. Diameter 140 cm

9. Basket tilting machine, Inspection belt, Carton box closing machine, Boiler with Riello burner.


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