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Marel Trimming line (10 workplaces)

Man. year: 2004

Condition: excellent

6 working places on each side 

The Marel Basic Fish Flowline offers short processing time and gentle product handling. It guarantees 100% traceability and maximises quality control and provides plant managers with real-time data feedback of entire processing operations.

At work stations individual worker statistics are collected, including worker name, speed, quality, utilisation, product types, working time and other data, and products are weighed as they exit. In addition to providing real-time performance supervision, all registrations are stored in the powerful database.

A single conveyor is used for both input and output. Left and right fillets are processed separately and the line has a bin for untrimmed fillets. Product is processed in a continuous flow preventing accumulation of product in tubs. One or more product chutes are available for finished product. The workstations come with adjustable platforms, manual water guns, a light in the table and optional seats.

The line:

  • Maximises raw material flow
  • Improved product utilisation
  • Greater productivity and flexibility
  • Higher product value
  • Reduces low value products
  • Less overweight
  • Minimises waste
  • Automation greatly reduces handling
  • Up to 4 different product routes
  • Monitors individual operator performance
  • Increased throughput per operator
  • Automatic infeed
  • Ergonomic operator environment
  • Adjustable seat and standing platform.