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Meyn/Provatec – Forming and breading line for burgers

Condition: after service

The line includes forming, battering and breading machines, frying tunnel

Provotec 745 - forming machine( Switzerland)

Provatec 745-45 processes up to 800 kg per hour. This machine can be installed in each processing line with conveyor width 400 mm. It is reliable, safe, easy in maintenance and effective.  

Capacity: 800 kg/hour

Max. portioning speed: 45 strokes per minute

Max. effective width: 400 mm

Rotor width: 400 mm

Hopper capacity: 250 l

Motor power: 7,5 kW

Equipped with total hydraulic drive system.

Meyn - battering machine (USA)

Condition: after service

Designed for covering product by a batter, also can be used for covering by marinade or fat. It has three battering curtains, which cover all sides of a product. Extra batter is removed by an air flow.

Conveyor width: 400 mm

Power: 0,62 kW

Meyn - Breading machine (USA)

Condition: excellent (after service)

Designed for covering product by a crumb or flour. It can work with different types of crumb. Equipped with crumb recycling system. Blowing system for removing extra crumb installed.

Conveyor width: 400 mm

Hopper for crumb: 40 l

Conveyor speed: 1-15 m/min

Reticulate conveyor width: 400 mm

Power: 1,5 kW

Meyn FRU 600/5000 - Thermal oil fryer (USA)

Man. year: 2000

Condition: Good, working

Dimension: 2100mm x 8200mm x 5000mm

Dimension for frying: 5000mm(lenght) x 600mm(width)
Top hold down belt

Electric power canopy hoist

Complete with CO2 fire suppression system.