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Treif Falcon - Portion cutter

Year of construction: 2005

Condition: good working

The machine cuts boneless and bone-in products into portions of the exact required weight. Suitable for cutting fresh, slightly frozen, cooked or smoked products, and also ham and cheese.

Product range: length 820 mm, cross-section (W x H): 260 x 155 mm; 220 x 155 mm

Capacity: up to 240 cuts per minute (depending on the product)

The machine is equipped with a smooth curved blade for products without bones

Cutting programs: 100

Weighting accuracy: 95 - 99,5%

Product temperature: up to -3° C

The scanners carry out a 360° survey of a product.

The patented sickle blade is firmly secured between two plates. This so-called sandwich guidance system prevents wedge cuts, resulting in clean cuts and increased output

The rib stabiliser provides boned products with extra hold and thus minimises the cutting pressure on the product.

The intelligent gripper recognises which parts of the cutting material are harder (i.e. contain bones) and simply rests gently on these areas. The other hooks hold the meat safely in place.

The machine is equipped with the sorting station. The tolerance area for deviations from the target weight is set by the operator. Slices which are not of the correct weight are automatically sorted out.

Storage of cutting parameters provides security of production. 100 cutting programmes available

Easy access to all units for cleaning

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2666 х 1377x1859 mm

Power: 8 kW

Weight: 750 kg