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Вaader 600 – Bone separator

Man. year: 2014

Вaader 600 provides soft separation of raw meat material from a waste components - bones, skin etc.

A flexible squeezing belt transports the product to a perforated drum. It gently squeezes the softer particles like meat and fat through the holes, then the harder particles such as bones, sinews and cartilage stays outside of the drum.

Capacity: up to 400 kg per hour

The throughput can vary in dependence of the drum hole size, product and its pre-treatment, the selected pressure etc.

Baader 600 is а user-friendly machine. Its cleaning is easy and quick. The machine is built in accordance to worldwide recognised sanitary standards. A pressure system ensuring gentle product processing and reduced machine wear. Machine has castors for easy handling.

Staff: 1 person

Electricity: 400 V - 3 - 50 Hz

Power: 1,5 kW

Weight (net): 230 kg