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Nobbing machine Pisces PN–700

Condition: new

The machine allows to remove accurately and efficiently head, tail and viscera.

Designed for processing Hake and the same size fish species.

Fish size range: max. 700 mm (28") in length

Equipped with an ultra-sonic fish measuring system and vacuum ports synchronized to the travel of the fish for maximum efficiency and minimum yield loss.

An optional tail removal device with tail cut location.

Capacity: up to 170 fish per minute

Programmable logic controller collates such production data as: total fish count, runtime, tray fill percentage (operating efficiency) and fish size in four categories. The PLC has network interface capabilities for transference of data to production control systems.

The PN-700 is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and USDA approved construction materials. This includes stainless steel motors, bearings and gearboxes.

All electrical controls are in wash down enclosures and electrical circuits are to CE safety standards with lock-out boxes and 24-volt control interface.

Operators: Two

Water Connections: Standard garden hose connection

Water consumption: 15.14 liters per minute

Air: 6.2 bar, 113 l/min

Electricity: 380-480 V/3/ 50-60 Hz

Power: 2 kW

Weight: 544 kg