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Gutting line for trout NMG 10T

Man. year: 2015

Condition: new 


Quantity of workplaces: up to 10
Capacity (pcs): with one-side line - up to 40 fishes per minute, with double-side line - up to 80 fishes per minute


Capacity (tons): 7 tons per hour (for 2 kg fish)


Size range: fish from 800 g to 9 kg
Conveyor width: 800 mm


NMG 10T is designed for gutting trout and gentle removing of roe. It allows to provide such operations:

  • Belly opening;
  • Separate removing of roe bags and other viscera;
  • Cutting and trimming of blood kidney by vacuum spoons;
  • Fish inspection;
  • Outside and inside fish washing;
  • Rising fish to 1,2 meters for next transportation to pre-packing.

The basic elements of a line are:

  • Loading hopper for storage and feeding fish.
  • Transporter with grooves and adjustable belt speed. Two modes of belt moving: stepper and continuous.
  • Trays and transporters for collecting and transporting of roe bags.
  • Trays  with hydro feeding for collecting waste.
  • Vacuum system for cleaning a blood kidney.
  • Fish washing system with water recirculation and scraper transporter for lifting fish.