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Glazing machine KM 645 (Spray/Dip)

Man.year: 2016

Condition: New

Machine is designed for glazing a wide range of products such a shrimp, fish fillets and other IQF frozen products. It can be used as a spray glazing machine or a dip glazing machine.

Manufactured in polished stainless steel and F.D.A. approved, sea resistance materials

Capacity: up to 1000 kg/hour (depending of belt speed and product size)

Water: up to 5 l/min depending on the glazing layer

Optimal water supply temperature - from 0 to +2 C

Power: 0,37 kW

Connections: 3x230/400 V, 50 c/s or 3 x 220/440 V 60, c/s

KM 645 is equipped with plastic modular belt and a mechanical speed variator to adjust the speed of the belt. The glazing percentage can be adjusted. It also has an adjustable nozzle pipe which can be moved lengthwise to ensure an even glazing layer on the product.

KM 645 is usually a part of the product line with amongst others, freezers, hardening conveyor and after freezer.