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Manual gutting line for salmon and trout NMG10

Quantity of workplaces: up to 10


Size range: 800 g - 9 kg


One-side processing - up to 40 fish per minute


Both-side processing - up to 80 fish per minute (7 tons per hour with fish weight 2 kg)
Belt width: 1000 mm


NMG10 line is designed for salmon fish species processing. It makes able to provide:

  • De-heading fish by V-cut (right or oblique cut as option). It is also possible not to cut a heads.
  • Belly opening;
  • Separated removing of roe and other viscera;
  • Cutting and cleaning of blood kidney by vacuum spoons;
  • Fish inspection;
  • Washing of a fish inside and outside;
  • Lifting fish to 1,2 m for next evacuation to pre-packing. 

The line is build from a number of elements and its configuration can be modified due to customer requirements. The main element are:

  • Double-knives header, electromechanical or pneumatic with input and output trays and tray for heads.
  • Transporter with grooves and adjustable belt speed. Two modes of belt movement: stepping and continuous.
  • Trays and transporters for collecting of roe bags and viscera.
  • Trays with hydro-feeding for collecting waste.
  • Vacuum system of kidney cleaning.
  • Washing system with water recirculation anв transporter for lifting fish.

There is two workplaces on heading device. After it is a transporter, which moves with adjustable speed and capacity may be changed from 20 to 42 fishes per minute to the each side. Trays construction makes possible to process the fish from 800 g to 9 kg. Workers can work on the both sides dealing with small fish, and on a one side if process a bigger fish.

There is 6 workplaces on the each side of transporter. Six persons processes 35 fish per minute, twelve persons - up to 70 fish per minute.